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Our history  -  OUr future

The Foundry's Origin

John Wesley, the "father" of Methodism, leased an abandoned cannon factory in England and called it "The Foundry". Not only was it used for worship and Bible study, but it also served as a ministry center for the poor. The early Methodists used "The Foundry" to distribute food and clothing, help people start small businesses, tutor school children, teach literacy programs for adults, and host free medical and dental clinics. 

The Foundry's Rich Tradition

As United Methodists we stand in a theological tradition that affirms a life-giving faith and strong social engagement. As Methodists we believe our relationship to God calls us to seek the good of our neighbor in humble service.  In 2010, in the spirit of John Wesley, the Bowling Green District of the United Methodist Church felt the call to address the poverty in the West End of Bowling Green. That same year, the District purchased the former Boys and Girls Club, installed a Board of Directors, and the Foundry Christian Community Center was born in the heart of this area of great need in our community. The Foundry of today carries on the rich tradition of John Wesley's original Foundry. 

The Foundry's Mission  
Our mission is to develop leaders among the children and young people of the West End of Bowling Green through education, health and fitness, and spiritual development. 

The Foundry's Ultimate Goal

The Foundry is committed to joining our neighbors in doing whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to bring about spiritual and community transformation.