FACT:  The first few years in a child’s life are CRUCIAL to academic success.

FACT:  For every $1.00 spent on quality preschool, the return on investment can be up to $17.00.

FACT:  Quality early childhood education transforms children, families and communities.

Experts agree that access to quality early education is essential for children and our society to succeed. There is so much for children to learn to prepare them to achieve academically in the window between birth and the first day of school.  Unfortunately, children in poverty are at a significant disadvantage. The vast majority of children from low-income families begin school 18 months behind other children and often never catch up.

Children in poverty face a daunting gap. What if we could close the gap? 

What if we helped parents to learn the importance of reading and talking with their children and taught them simple ways to help their children learn even at very young ages?  What if preschool children living in the West End of Bowling Green had the advantage of learning in a top-notch early childhood education program that would effectively close the gap and level the playing field for academic success for these children? 

The Foundry will do whatever it takes to close the gap.

The Foundry Preschool Academy, the cornerstone of the Foundry's education strategy. In consultation and coordination with our neighborhood schools, the preschool programming will be designed around the school readiness skills for incoming kindergarten students so that when these children enter kindergarten, they will be equipped to thrive. Learn more.

The Foundry Preschool Academy Goal:

100 percent of our preschool students test “ready” for entering kindergarten.