Alarming Statistics In the State of Kentucky:

   1 of 4 children live in poverty*

   2 of 3 third-graders don’t read at national proficiency* 

   2 of 3 eighth-graders cannot perform math at national proficiency*

   1 of 2 children entering Kindergarten test "not ready"

*Statistics: Kentucky Youth Advocates executive director Terry Brooks

The odds are that these children will never live up to their full potential UNLESS we band together to empower them children to thrive.

There is Hope...A Roadmap Out of Poverty

Dr. Ruby Payne, author of "A Framework For Understanding Poverty" provides the roadmap for us:​  "Children get out of poverty primarily through education and redemptive relationships."

At The Foundry we understand that this will require a long-term commitment, but we are ready to do whatever it takes.  We will provide educational opportunities for children and support them every step of the way.  We will work with our neighbors to build strong families. We will partner with existing organizations to maximize effectiveness.  And we will partner with you.

TOGETHER we  will raise up the spiritually-grounded, gifted leaders of tomorrow.