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Our strategy

The Foundry passionately believes that communities
​are transformed when their children succeed.

A strategic plan adopted by the Foundry Board of Directors in 2014 seeks to provide the children of the West End of our city with the spiritual and educational foundation that will ensure a level playing field for them to be and achieve all they were created to be.

The Foundry model focuses on four key areas: 

Education and Mentor Relationships: The Foundry is committed to preparing children to succeed educationally in a spiritually nurturing environment. The primary focus is on pre-school-aged children in poverty situations.  These children often begin Kindergarten with an 18-month educational deficit that is almost impossible to overcome. Access to high-quality early education is essential to success for these children.  The cornerstone of our education strategy then is a top-notch preschool at the Foundry.  The strategy also encompasses educational components for various age groups: after-school tutoring, summer enrichment camps, a mentoring program with an area elementary school and parent education classes.

Relational and Partnership Development: The Foundry is committed to long-term development in the West End. At the core of this strategy is  building authentic relationships with our neighbors, community organizations and ministries so that we can share the responsibilities and celebrations of working together for the transformation of our community.  

Health and Fitness:  The Foundry is committed to  building strong, healthy children by engaging them in sports and teaching healthy lifestyle habits.The key component of this strategy is a health and fitness ministry developed around soccer, making full use of a new $350,000+ soccer field built by the City of Bowling Green on property leased from the Foundry. 

Resourcing the Mission: The Foundry is committed to  securing the financial and people resources necessary for the expansion and sustainability of the ministry.  At the core of this strategy is a coordinated communication plan for effectively sharing the Foundry story with our neighbors, volunteers, donors, our city, and for those who are yet to be captivated by the potential of the Foundry's ministry.