​RELATIONSHIPS​​ are essential

At the Foundry we seek to join with others as equal partners, recognizing that diversity is a strength.We seek to involve all people as active participants in their community.  As we strengthen relationships with our neighbors and reach out to community organizations, we share both the responsibilities and celebrations of transforming our neighborhood and our community.  As a matter of faith we affirm that God is already at work in agencies, groups, schools, churches and people of the West End and that many of the gifts, talents, and resources already exist for a thriving community. 

The Foundry is committed to joining our neighbors in their daily lives. We personally invite neighborhood families regularly for fun events that provide a casual atmosphere for us to get to know each other.  Just a few of the fun times we have together:  

  • Tomato Fest
  • Visits from the Mobile Farmers' Market
  • Trunk or Treat at the Foundry
  • Christmas Party
  • Valentine's Day Dance 
  • Easter Celebration
  • Mother's Day Brunch    
  • Summer Camp Celebration
  • Back to School Bash

Relationships are essential to the transformation of our community.