During snack time last summer campers and volunteers sat together talking about the past school year. One volunteer asked her group what their favorite day at school was like. Dakota spoke up first and said:

"My favorite day at school is mentor day, but there aren't enough for me to have one."

Other students began to add their wishes for a mentor. The students proved to the volunteers that mentoring matters, even to those students without a mentor.

school mentors ROCK! 

One Hour Can Change a Life

If you can eat lunch, you can be a mentor and impact a child's life.  It's really that simple.  Our "One Hour, Once a Week" mentoring program is just that:  you commit to eating lunch with a student once a week throughout the school year.  It takes very little time, but that one hour can change a child's life.    

The Foundry currently partners with Dishman McGinness Elementary School to provide mentors for nearly 50 children.  A mentor is that special someone for a child -- a caring person who listens, encourages, and has fun with.  It is someone who sees the uniqueness of each child and helps him achieve success in school and in life.  The statistics clearly point to the substantial impact of mentors.

*Students who have a mentor... 

  • are more likely to stay in school and go on to higher education
  • are 46% less likely than their peers to use illegal drugs
  • are 52% less likely than their peers to skip school
  • tend to trust their parents more and better communicate with them.

See Dakota's story at right to see why we always need more people like you who are willing to give one hour a week to be that special person for a child.


For more information on mentoring, please contact Susan McCloud, Executive Director by       e-mail at smccloud@thefoundrybg.org or by phone at 270-935-5290.

*Statistics from:  Mentoring:  A Promising Strategy for Youth Development, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, and www.mentoring.org