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summer enrichment camps

What can I do? 

  • To register as a camper contact Susan McCloud at 
  • To learn more about volunteering contact Susan McCloud  at
  • Click here to donate or provide scholarships for students.

Learning Is Fun @ the Foundry

Five weeks of every summer are dedicated to Enrichment Camps at the Foundry. Groups of neighborhood children and 80-100 volunteers from various local churches arrive ready and excited for camp. The children enjoy a range of enrichment activities: gardening, art, games, team building and a daily devotion time. 

Why summer camps?

Over the summer months low-income students:

  1. Lose more than two months in reading achievement  skills over the summer months.
  2. Lose two months of grade level math computation skills
  3. Gain weight rapidly, particularly those at high risk for obesity

One more reason:

Keenan's Story:  As one morning’s devotion time was beginning, the class was asked for a volunteer to pray. A young boy named Keenan raised his hand immediately and enthusiastically. The children bowed their heads in readiness, but Keenan did not begin his prayer. A minute or so passed in awkward silence when Keenan raised his bowed head and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t know how to pray.” 

OUR GOAL: To help close the achievement gap that has been attributed,at least in part, to learning loss during the summer months.  The students experience spiritual and leadership development, meaningful relationships with peers and role models, engagement with nature, physical activity and JUST PLAIN FUN!

A Day At Summer Camp

  9:00    Campers arrive and eat breakfast

  9:30    Opening Assembly with large group devotion & small group discussion

​10:15    Morning Rotation of Activities

11:30    Travel to Dishman McGinnis for lunch and outdoor play

12:45    Afternoon Rotation of Activities

  3:00    Campers Dismiss

Opportunities to support Summer Camps:

Small Group Leaders: For each age group there will be at least 2 small group leaders. These leaders must greet each camper, stay with campers at all times, be aware of camper problems, lead them to their next activity, and participate in games and activities with the camper. This job is very relational and includes looking for ways to get to know the campers and point them to Christ.

Activity Leaders​: Leaders will be given detailed instructions and supplies prior to the start of camp. They will be responsible for leading their designated activity for each small group of campers. Activities include: physical activity, hands-on educational projects, arts and crafts, music, and reading.

Donations: Even if you are unable to give of your time, we welcome you to give financially or by donating supplies for our activities. There will be a list of items to donate closer to camp.  

What can I do? 

  • To register as a camper contact Susan McCloud at 
  • To learn more about volunteering contact Susan McCloud  at
  • Clickhereto donate or provide scholarships for students.